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Ben Vanguard | - Tenue/Outfit, Automne-Hiver/Fall-Winter, Casual, Semi-Casual | Thursday, October 9th, 2008

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Style, Photography: Ben Vanguard

Review, extra pictures and credits after the jump!

The new “Autumn Tweed” by swaffette Firefly for “SF Design” is a great combination of jacket, sweater and pants in a number of combinations including tucked and untucked sweater (tucked to show the belt), with a sculpty collar (in two sizes, moddable) and loosely wrapped scarf (also in two sizes, moddable), minimizing the need to adjust. Also included is a sculpty back flap for the jacket (three sizes provided), covering up that annoying fabric clinging that’s hard to avoid, the most easy to use jacket’s attachment ever! You can, if you prefer, use one of the two presized flexi lower part attachments provided. You will get three versions of the tweed jacket on the jacket layer: one standard, one to wear with the provided sculpted collar (offering a better fitting), one including a lower part of the sweater for an untucked look. You will get the sweater on both the jacket (untucked) and shirt (tucked) layer, plus the convenient complement on the underpant layer for a tucked look with low rise pants. Last item provided, a pair of pants showing a nice snake skin belt.

swaffette’s hand drawn textures are excellent, putting together rough-weave fabric with soft coordinated scarves. The whole outfit gives a nice casual but dressy look, that sort of look that is not so easy to compose in sl! My only regret is, like everytime a pattern is used for a fabric, it looks badly stretched on the shoulders. The only way to avoid that is to paint on a 3D model with a special software…
Four colors are provided (shown below). For the main composite, I mixed the classic brown suit with the sweater included in the Blue pack. Everything is modify and transfer for easy gifting. Top notch customer service provided by swaffette herself!

Quality: 4/5 - Style-Originality: 4/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack, sizes for attachments…): 4/5 - Price:3.5/5 - Value for money: 4/5

Kwamey Pinion, the designer behind “Soreal,” just released a new pair of ultra-realistic sneakers, the “Superstars.” They offer some of the most achieved sculpty work you can find, with that little inconvenience, at laggy time, oh having to wait a bit to see them fully rezzed. The level of detail on these shoes is incredible. They are wide enough to fit the terrible feet Linden Lab has given us, but still keep a nice shape. They are provided in two sizes, moddable by menu driven script menu. You can buy one of the 15 individual colors available, or choose the “full color” pack, which offers a color changing script for 18 color combinations, the 15 individual ones plus three exclusive bonuses. One little regret: the resizing doesn’t provide a perfect look for each size. At certain sizes, the sculpty prims don’t play perfectly with each other. My advice, if you notice that (and you would have to zoom for that), is to slightly modify the size to get a perfect alignment of prims, or use the other provided size to start from to get the size you want. As usual, set your feet to zero in appearance mode to wear these sneakers, and choose a size that is harmonious with your avatar size! I’m wearing them on the main composite in my very favorite colors, but you will see below 8 of slmen’s favorites. It has been hard to choose, as they are all just great! Copy-no transfer.

Quality: 4.5/5 - Style-Originality: 3.5/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack, sizes for attachments…): 4/5 - Price:2.5/5 - Value for money: 3.5/5

Also showing a new version of Enda from “Philotic Energy.” Aemilia Case, the designer, had to rebuild it entirely to put her new great textures on it. The hair looks the same, but is easier to fit and adjust!

[Click on the picture to enlarge] Superstars from “Soreal”, Slmen’s favorite color combinations.

[Click on the picture to enlarge] Autumn Tweed from “SF design”.

Left to Right and Top Down: Brown, Burgundy, Blue, and Green.

• Pants, Jacket, Sweater, Scarf:
Autumn Tweed (360 Lindens/color, Perms: NC/M/T),
@ Sf design [Designer & Address]

• Chaussures de sport / Sneakers:
SOREAL Superstars EXTENDED (SSPX01) (399 Lindens/color, 3499 Lindens/color changing version (18 colors),Perms: NM/C/NT - Resizable by menu),
@ Soreal [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Bague / Ring:
Heart Knot Ring earthquartz with tails flex (100 Lindens, Perms M/NC/T),
@ Guillaume pour homme [Designer & Address]

• Coiffure / Hair:
PE Enda, Dark Ash (199 Lindens/color pack including plain and two tipped, 2000 Lindens/pack of 34 colors in three versions per color, Perms: C/M/NT),
@ Philotic Energy [Designer & Address]

• Yeux / Eyes:
EyeFidelity RealEyes - Indian Ink (100 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Shape by Zada [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Skin:
Neo Normal Skin Stubble (1800 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Damiani [Designer, Address & SLURL]credits after the jump!

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  1. Why is there outrage whenever a designer in SL steals from or copies the ideas of a fellow user, but whenever people rip off real world designers (e.g. Adidas, Converse) they’re lauded for it?

    Comment by Balb Kubrox — 9 October 2008 @ 9:01

  2. There is a difference between stealing and being inspired by. In rl you see a lot of different products being recreated, would you say pepsi ripped off coca cola? Well might be a different logo but its actually almost the same drink. You can easily identify adidas work or inspiration on these models but when we speak of content theft in sl, we speak of textures/tga files being stolen. SL is made out of textures, being your house walls, your clothes, your skin. This is not the case, SOREAL did not steal any ‘rl texture’ from adidas models, or their logo. If you ask me ‘ok, but wouldn’t you like it to be stated that these were inspired by adidas and see credits being given to its original patron?’ well, maybe yes, because its easily identifiable and we can see where/why it was inpired by adidas, but we can also see the amount of prim work here and it cannot be dissed that easy or without knowledge of simple content theft you compared with.

    Comment by Uma Ceawlin — 9 October 2008 @ 15:49

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Uma.
    Plus these virtual sneakers have the same name as their original RL inspiration. It’s totally obvious, no fraud intended, and I feel these re-creations more like a homage than a rip off.
    Many designers in sl make clothes ripped off from rl creations, using pictures found on the internet, without giving any credit to the orginal creation. A very famous brand does nothing else (well, more than a famous brand, actually), and yes, i’m not totally ok with that, although it’s absolutely not a content theft case.
    But here we are talking about prim work, and it’s obvious the original model from Adidas hasn’t been photographed then simply applied on a basic sculpty prim. The prims were adjusted to fit SL avatar’s feet, and everyone who tried to do that once knows the hell of a work it is, trying to keep the same feeling than with the original Adidas, although the proportion had to be totally modified. Added to that, it seems to me that at least half of the colors Soreal offers are original ones. I wish i could find in RL the brown and blue ones!!!

    Comment by Ben Vanguard — 9 October 2008 @ 18:09

  4. Homage doesn’t cut it, I’m afraid.

    Adidas have taken legal action against numerous companies using the three-stripe (and even two, in some cases) design in their products. The fact that these shoes even utilise a bastardised version of the classic Adidas logo makes it more clear cut. The designer is profiting by associating his products with Adidas, that is completely indisputable.

    Nobody would question the quality of the design, the shoes look spectacular. If anything, that makes the situation rather sad. If there were no stripes (or even 2/4/5/6…etc) and an original logo there would be no cause for debate, just unreserved praise for outstanding work.

    Comment by Balb Kubrox — 9 October 2008 @ 21:49

  5. Balb, why don’t you take up your grievance with SOREAL with Kwamey Pinion, the designer, instead of kvetching here in comments?

    There is a vast difference between ripping textures/prims/sculpties from someone’s existing work and creating a 3-dimensional model that translates something from reality into a digital environment. It’s “lauded” because it takes a lot of visual and dexterity skills to accomplish.

    Everything is inspired by something. It’s called appropriation.

    People want their SL selves to own and have and be things that are reflective of their real lives. Cars, homes, clothing that have a signature style taken from a real life influence. SL would have zero content if nothing was “stolen”, according to you, from some real life context.

    Comment by Catero — 10 October 2008 @ 7:32

  6. Hey! Did anyone notice the totally original and totally gorgeous outfit that made up the rest of the post? SF Design’s Autumn Tweed is a knockout. I am going to have to send mine to the cleaners soon, I’ve worn it so much. And for those who prefer some other shoe with it - for whatever reason - may I suggest Oslo in gray from JSC.

    Comment by LB Fellini — 12 October 2008 @ 23:21

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