Nouveau chez CIVVIES / New release at CIVVIES (Posy Trudeau)

Ben Vanguard | - Tenue/Outfit, Casual | Monday, May 28th, 2007

… new place too ! {PLUNDER} Airship Outpost, a collection of ragtag airships assembled to trade their wares high in the sky. You’ll find [CIVVIES], of course, and many others.

«High in the skies of Second Life floats an ragtag collection of fanciful airships filled with hand-crafted goods, created by some of the finest designers in SL. The place is called {PLUNDER} and the booty is plentiful. Explore the fanciful array of dirigibles and their contents. You’ll find everything from steampunk and urban streetwear to goth, with themes ranging from military and retro to anime and comics. We’re truly a motley crew…[CIVVIES], GearShift, Desert Moon Clothiers, FORM, Steam-Powered Ind., The Syndicate, Kyoot, and Happy Bivouac. Don’t be surprised if you stumble into one of the local watering holes, Posy’s Cloudbuster Cantina or The {PLUNDER} Lounge, where you can quench your thirst and trade stories with the colorful locals. Come by and explore!» Posy Trudeau

Mannequin / Model : Ben Vanguard

• Coiffure / Hair:
/artilleri/ creeper *brown october*,
by Antonia Marat,
@ Artilleri Mainstore, artilleri (93, 123, 26)

• Skin:
FNKY! Antonio Medium - Funky Monk,
by Funk Schnook,
@ FNKY! & Cake, FNKY Cake (128, 45, 24)

• Yeux / Eyes:
FNKY! Eyes - Galaxy - Brown (No Veins),
by Funk Schnook,
@ FNKY! & Cake, FNKY Cake (128, 45, 24)

• Tee-Shirt / T-Shirt:
[Civvies] “Orient” Vintage Tat Henley - untucked,
by Posy Trudeau,
@ [CIVVIES], PLUNDER Airship Outpost, Maggiore (128, 128, 601)

• Jean / Jeans:
[CIVVIES] Black Jeans - Freshly Laundered,
by Posy Trudeau,
@ [CIVVIES], PLUNDER Airship Outpost, Maggiore (128, 128, 601)

• Chaussures de sport / Sneakers:
DMC Black Cruizers,
by Dragontat Zagato,
@ DMC: Desert Moon Clothiers, Goodelli (229, 197, 25)

• Collier, Bague / Necklace, Ring:
American Pie Organic Necklace Mns Sz,
Ring American Pie,
by Mhaijik Guillaume,
@ Jewelry Mhaijik Things, Pheosia (59, 212, 152)

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