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Perry Proudhon | - Every Day Outfits, - Tenue/Outfit, Casual | Thursday, December 18th, 2008

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“Stamp” tee shown in main composite.

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Left to Right and top down: “Break the Silence,” “Amnesty Logo,” “Torture,” and “Snail”

Style, Photography: Perry Proudhon

Review and credits after the jump!

There’s something refreshing about Photos Nikolaidis, in his creative and humorous design, his friendly communication style, and his commitment to justice as evidenced by the links in his shop to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the 60th anniversary of which was celebrated on December 10, 2008) as well as his most recent group of t-shirts (three of which are free) that support Amnesty International. Four additional shirts are available, priced at 50L each, and Photos will give all the proceeds from the sales of those four shirts to Amnesty International.

The free shirts feature the Amnesty International logo, an anti-torture message, and one encouraging us to “Break the Silence.”

The 50L shirts include a first day of issue stamp cancellation (a little research showed the cancellation to be a commemoration of the first man walking on the moon) (shown in main composite); a simple line drawing of a snail; two stickmen holding hands; and a panda (last two not shown here).

All the t-shirts come in a multitude of layers, including jacket, shirt, with layers on underpants, undershirt and pants, to accommodate all possibilities!

The friendship bracelets from Faery Sola at Studio Sidhe are great. Go with a friend and get a matching set! Available in five different color combinations, very realistic looking string bracelet, tied in a knot on the inside of the wrist. (I’m showing the RPB, ‘red pink blue’ version here.)

The jeans are from Kalrau, the hair from Truth, the shoes from Akeyo. Enjoy!

• T-Shirts:
Stickmen, Snail, Stamp and Panda (50 Lindens, Perms: C/M/NT),
3 Amnesty International Designs (Free, Perms: C/M/NT),
@ A:S:S [Designer & Address]

• Jean / Jeans:
Pants M3 (250 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Kalrau [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Bracelet / Bracelet:
:+:SS:+: Friendship Bracelet [RPB] - Large (50 Lindens, Perms: C/M/NT),
@ Studio Sidhe [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Chaussures de sport / Sneakers:
AKIDAZ (600 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT - Scripted color and size changing),
@ Akeyo [Designer & Address]

• Coiffure / Hair:
Jared, Toffee (200 Lindens/pack of 3 colors, 1500 Lindens/pack of 72 colors, Perms: C/M/NT),
@ Truth [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Yeux / Eyes:
Natural, Opal (50 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Pixel Dolls [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Skin:
Joshua V.2.0 Shaved Olive eyeliner (1800 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Damiani [Designer, Address & SLURL]

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  1. Nice post perry, you forgot me!! lol * Pants: Kal Rau!!

    Thank you!

    Comment by Kal Rau — 20 December 2008 @ 16:26

  2. ACK! Sorry, Kal!

    Fixed. :)

    Comment by Perry Proudhon — 20 December 2008 @ 17:33

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