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Ben Vanguard | - Body Positive (Skins+Shapes), - Tenue/Outfit | Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Well, I don’t know how it’s going for you, but today is a terrible SL day for me. Textures don’t rezz, attachments don’t attach, my studio can’t work properly because of an excess of lag… Thank you Linden Labs! Consequence: no pictured post today…

It’s really too bad, because I have a lot of things to show you! Especially skins, new skins which are valuable additions to the choices we already have!

The time when we had only one decent skin for men (Dxxx by Nxxx, you see what I mean…) is over and it’s good for diversity!

We have now the hand drawn from Form, those from Chip Midnight, very photorealistic, the envision by Body Politik, the ones from The Good Life, the last three ones from Adam n Eve, some really good skins from RaC, the new “Advance Skins” from Aitui and, of course, the great Antonio from FNKY. More recently we were offered the pleasant Nora Entice for men.

You have seen all these good and very good skins on slmen, in the new “Body Positive” series (if not, follow this link!), and you will see them again soon!

This week offered us 2 new skins, and they are more than good! Minnu model skins released its new range for men, and Redgrave its “Emil.”

There will be dedicated posts for those skins very soon, I mean as soon as SL will allow me to work properly…

You can always use the following links to take demos and try them out.
Remember that skins are really different on different shapes. Please never buy a skin too quickly. Take several demos, go back home, try them, take your time, and wait until the day after to buy the one you like. :-)

Slmen likes:
Redgrave: Emil,
by Emilia Redgrave,
@ *REDGRAVE* Mens & Womens FASHION, SANDS Island 1 (171, 95, 24)

• Minnu Model Skin: MM Skin for men,
by Minnu Palen & Thora Charron,
@ MM SKINS, **Minnu Model Skins**, Glam World (109, 136, 23)

• Nora Entice: David, Hunter,
by Sezmra Svarog,
@ Nora BodySkins & Fashions, Sonata (227, 72, 27)

• The Body Politik: Envision
by Maximillion Grant,
@ .:: The Body Politik ::., Eventide South (52, 177, 36)

• CMFF PhotoSkin: Rook, Crow, Hairy Tan, Hairy Male, Male 1.1,
by Chip Midnight,
@ CMFF - Skins & Clothing by Chip Midnight, Freelon (42, 62, 23)

The Good Life: Aaron and Justin,
by Avant Scofield,
@ The Good Life, Good Life (87, 207, 28)

RaC: Aidan, Jim, Lee, Mike, Johnny, Sam, Jack,
by Mallory Cowen,
@ =RaC=, RaC City (188, 136, 27)

Aitui: Advance skin.
by jesseAitui Petion,
@ Aitui Shopping, Aitui !129, 129, 27)

• Adam n Eve: Damien, Darcy and Jared,
by Sachi Vixen,
@ Adam n Eve, Genesis (192, 150, 35)

• :FORM Skin,
by Zabitan Assia,
@ The Block - FORM, Varado (139, 137, 31)

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