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Ben Vanguard | - Tenue/Outfit, Automne-Hiver/Fall-Winter, Casual | Friday, October 12th, 2007

Some guys have asked me recently to show more “straight looks” on Well, I’m not really aware of what that means; it’s somewhat different from one culture to another. These demands were really surprising to me, as I try to show really various styles on the blog, but if more than one person asked the same, it must be for a reason. You can imagine that this is an utterly difficult exercise for me, being Gay and French! :-D

Anyway, thanks to Iki Ikarus, designer for Dutch Touch, I think I found exactly what these guys asked for! This very good camo outfit is totally mannish, don’t you think? The texture is very good and the cut done for action and all war roleplays.
The pants are moddable, so you will be able to make them more baggy, so perfect to be more “straight” in some countries, I was told. :-)

The gloves from Eiri McMillan add the touch of credibility you need to perfect the look, as well as the serious shoes by Jackal Ennui for Lassitude Ennui.

Fortunately, as it’s really masculine, the outfit is still sexy as hell, especially with the hair from Aemilia Case for Philotic Energy, very nicely designed, and the magnetic eyes from Zada Zenovka. All you need to make your avie very shaggable! Well, saying that, I just ruined all my efforts, I realize… sorry guys! ;-)

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

:: DUTCH TOUCH :: In “Gus”: Camo Pants with belt, Longsleeves Green;

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

Left to Right and Top Down:
• :: DUTCH TOUCH :: In “Gus”: Camo Pants with belt, in “Camo Sweaters”: Longsleeves Blue;
• :: DUTCH TOUCH :: In “Gus Combi”: Camo Pants 2, in “Camo Sweaters”: Longsleeves SeaGreen;
• :: DUTCH TOUCH :: In “Gus Combi”: Camo Pants 1, in “Camo Sweaters”: Longsleeves Brown;
• :: DUTCH TOUCH :: In “Gus Combi”: Camo Pants 2, Longsleeves Grey;

Style, Photography: Ben Vanguard

• Pulls, Pantalons / Sweaters, Pants:
Gus :: DUTCH TOUCH :: (210 Lindens/pack including a sweater and a pair of pants, M & NM/NC/T)
Gus ComBi :: DUTCH TOUCH :: (350 Lindens/pack of 2 pairs of pants and 2 sweaters; Perms: M & NM/NC/T)
CaMo Swseaters :: DUTCH TOUCH :: (200 Lindens/pack of 5 sweaters; Perms: NM/C/T),
by Iki Ikarus,
@ :: DUTCH TOUCH MAINSTORE =^.^= U, Willow Beach (30, 216, 32)

• Boots:
Lassitude & Ennui Reckless - men’s boots - clean metal (330 Lindens, Perms: C/NM/NT),
by Jackal Ennui,
@ Lassitude & Ennui, Nouveau (65, 63, 30)

• Gants / Gloves:
Assault Rappel / Half Finger Gloves (90 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
by Eiri McMillan,
@ GARAGE…Natural Work Shop, zipang (50, 217, 26)

• Coiffure / Hair:
*Philotic Energy* Faris-Black (150 Lindens/color, 600 Lindens/6 tipped, 1200 Lindens/10 colors & 6 tipped, Perms: M/C/NT),
by Aemilia Case,
@ Philotic Energy at Lemon, Imogen (171, 9, 65)

• Yeux / Eyes:
EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (n) Night version - SbZ (100 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
by Zada Zenovka,
@ Shapes by Zada - stunning shapes and eyes, Kusawa (221, 115, 36)

• Skin:
FNKY! Antonio Tan - Rugged (1850 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
by Funk Schnook,
@ FNKY! & Cake, FNKY Cake (128, 45, 24)

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  1. Gay and French sounds like a good look to me…stay that way, Who do ’straight’ men think designs all their clothes anyway? If it wasn’t for us (gay men and women!) they’d still be in animal skins…

    Comment by Joffi — 12 October 2007 @ 12:50

  2. “You can imagine that this is an utterly difficult exercise for me” and “as it’s really masculine, the outfit is still sexy as hell,” Yes, once again you make me laugh and drool at the same time ! Those eyes are are sooo to get lost in ! Straight guys should like this selection you have put together *shrugs* … It makes a wayward vampyre drool =D

    Comment by Mhaijik — 12 October 2007 @ 15:28

  3. Being straight and German I just *love* your style. Not that I would wear each and every outfit you show, but I take SLMEN as one of my main sources of inspiration in menswear fashion. And I *do* drool from time to time, but perhaps more about the outfits than about the guy underneath ;))

    Comment by Arne L. — 13 October 2007 @ 23:08

  4. I’ve read this blog daily for months and never got even a tiny hint of a notion that the outfits had any sexual orientation. It’s thoughtful of you to bother with requests like that, and I’m confident that you could assemble countless outfits that cater to the average oversexed apeman blingtard and still look good.

    But please don’t sacrifice your good taste–there are a lot of us straight men who are accustomed to your high standards and don’t give a jesus-with-jugs about gay or straight distinctions. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Derevaun — 14 October 2007 @ 6:58

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