SL Easter Egg Hunt, new grid wide freebie hunt to come!

Ben Vanguard | - Non classé | Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Wow, a new grid wide hunt! It was about time! Plus it’s soooo original!
Seriously, for me freebie hunts are just marketing tricks to game the ranking system of LL based on traffic on search > Place. With all the freebie hunter roaming around the shops, the traffic raised and so the position in the search result. It’s like camping or fleets or bots, but I have to admit it can be more fun!

So, here we go, new SL Easter Egg Hunt, running from April 1st to 30th.
The organizers promise two things that make me decide to advertise this hunt: first it’s for lesser known designers to show off just what they can do, all are small businesses, second over half of the participants have items that could be of interest to men. Well, if that is true, this hunt could be a cool way to discover new stuff for men and maybe the next big names in world (if the lag isn’t unbearable)! With a bit of luck, you will even get one or two freebies that are worth it!

More information following this link

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  1. “With a bit of luck, you will even get one or two freebies that are worth it! ”

    Thanks, this comment of yours is very well welcomed to the hundred of designers who did their best and put all they could into a single item that would make people go “wow, I want to see more of this designer”. The items we built for this hunt represent our business, You seem to forget that we are all small shops who are starting in the field. The item we give away will make the difference between getting our names out there or the death of our business. “Free” doesn’t always mean “poor quality, useless item”.

    We shot ourselves in the foot to include men into this hunt, thanks for the warm feedback. =)

    Comment by Kim Food — 28 March 2009 @ 5:17

  2. You know, when I first saw this article, I was excited. Because I saw the good that it can do. That in posting this here, there would be a lot of men that would see it and come try out the hunt, giving a lot of lesser known businesses a chance.

    But there was one thing that I didn’t like, it was the one thing that tainted it, but I tried to ignore it for the sake of the hunt and hoped no one else would really notice that one little line. However, they did see that line. And I was told there was a reply to that one little line. So I came and looked. And I have to agree with her. As much as this is a great way to let men know about the hunt, and a great way for the men in SL to get to know some lesser known men’s designers, as well as just ANY designer in SL… it wasn’t a fair thing to say.

    “With a bit of luck, you will even get one or two freebies that are worth it! ” is a statement that is so far from the truth to be almost a lie. How do I know? Well for one, you can check out the flickr page: where some of the artists and designers have posted what their gift is going to be. You can see the quality in all the work. Or you can check out the blog and see there the bios on a lot of the shops.

    When I started this hunt, it was for one reason and one reason only. To make sure that the people in Second Life had a chance to see some of the lesser known designers and what they are capable of. With that in mind, I made sure that everyone that applied knew that the purpose was to put their best work into the gift. Not some “freebie” that they would normally throw away or give away at their store, but something that when a hunter opened that item they would go “Wow! What a great gift! I’d pay money for this! I didn’t know they could make such great things! I’m going to go back there for sure!” That is why I asked them ALL to put in their BEST work into the gift. To make sure that it was more then a freebie but a real item that showed who they were and what they could do and what they were capable of doing. Something you don’t see from a lot of the hunts.

    Then I went one step further. I asked them to PLEASE PLEASE include something for the men or make it a unisex item. I have a lot of male friends that like to go on these hunts and they always get so disappointed because it’s always girls things. So I just about begged them to do something, anything, that was for men too. Even if they normally didn’t design for men, maybe put in a shirt or something. And once again, they came through. To be on the safe side, I asked the person who contacted this blog to say 50% is either with male items or unisex. But I’d bet there is a LOT more then that. You can look at the flickr page or the blog for the hunt, and see there the types how much has been posted that is for men or for unisex.

    I’m proud of each and every one that agreed to the rules and suggestions and still applied, some even wanting in after I reached the 100 store limit. And a few did get in after because they were men’s shops and like I said, I wanted to make sure men knew what was out there too. A couple shops even got in after because I checked them out and found out that had never been in a hunt but had great things in their shop. I wanted to make sure people got a chance to see their things as well. I can’t tell you how proud I am of all the hard work each and every designer has done. I even have one who’s computer broke and so she was offline for almost a month, now that she’s back, she doesn’t have time to make a men’s item and is disappointed.

    I have been given a lot of the items to check out or seen the photos and to use that one statement really doesn’t do the hunt justice. Therefore I had to write this in support of the designers that have sweated for weeks over their items to make sure that it is just right.

    As much as I am glad for this article and hope that men see it and come to the hunt, I also hope they see this and know for a fact that it isn’t just going to be a few “freebies” that will be okay to keep, but good quality items from each and every designer. These people have really rallied behind the idea of this hunt and I want everyone to know that they can come on it with the knowledge that it will be worth their time. Because they won’t just get a “few” “freebies” but over 100 quality items.

    Thanks for your time.

    Comment by Tiea Aeon — 28 March 2009 @ 6:52

  3. Dear anonymous, Dear Tiea,
    Have you ever followed a hunt? I did, once, a huuuge, advertised to death hunt, hoping to find some new gems I didn’t know. I didn’t do it for the freebies, but for the exploration in a funny way.
    In fact, yeah, on the more than 230 freebies, less than 10% were decent, just a few were really good. In fact, yeah, on more than 230 shops, besides the ones i already knew, I discovered no more than 5 or 6 which were worth a second look, after hours and hours spent roaming around shops and increasing the traffic ranking of place without any interest.

    It’s maybe good for your business to make believe that each and every designer put the best of their oh so hard work into the freebies, but it’s wrong. Maybe YOU do it, dear anonymous, i want to believe it, maybe some other do it, but for most the hunt is a way to increase their bloody traffic, period. Especially due to the huge amount of hunts, I wonder when designers would have time to create their stuff for sale, if they release a new quality freebie for each and every hunt on the grid!
    Don’t count on me to feed the legend of generous hard working talented designers doing this for the sake of sharing their work, showing their talent that way, it’s just plain wrong, and people know it.

    Like I wrote on this post, i advertised this hunt because it promised new men’s fashion designers to discover. For that reason, being aware of this hunt can be good for our readers. We are always glad to promote quality work and newcomers, in fact, that’s our sole purpose here on slmen. I will follow the hunt for that reason. But please, don’t ask me to fool people telling them “marketing tricks to generate traffic equals generously given quality gifts”.

    Now, if your hunt looks like a total break trough quality wise, compared to what people are fed up with lately, be sure i will blog again to say it!
    I wish you the best for your businesses, you both!

    Two last things:

    First, Anonymous dear, if you feel like you shot yourself in the foot doing men’s stuff, please don’t bother, it will show you don’t like doing them, and you could be disappointed with your sales, the horror…

    Second, my favorite statement: I pay every month RL money for the hosting of this high traffic website (meaning it costs me significant money). The least I deserve is to write exactly what I think, mind you!

    Comment by Ben Vanguard — 28 March 2009 @ 16:00

  4. Dear Ben,

    I apologize if I somehow offended you. It was not my intention. Yes, you pay good RL money for this site and I’m sure that there are a lot of men who are very glad you do. You can write what you want, of course.

    I only wanted to point out that I have tried, as have the majority of the designers on this hunt, to set this hunt up over some of the other hunts. And I offered the Flickr page with some of the gifts up as proof that a good amount of the hunt is going to have some very nice quality items, more then just a couple things.

    I have been on a LOT of hunts since last October when I first started hearing of the grid wide hunts. That usually means a LOT of unpacking and hoping to be able to use a little of what I unpack. Why? Because yes, I agree, there have been several shops on these hunts that would toss in junk in their gifts. And usually this was a store, or club, that hid the item so hard that it took you two hours to find it. Also I’ve been on several that start before others finish and I haven’t had time to unpack everything till way after the holiday that the hunt was done during. Because of that reason, when I have taken a few hours to unpack some of the things that didn’t get unpacked before the hunt ended, I have discover that…. oh I’d say maybe 80% can’t be used now because it is either specific to the holiday that it was run during or, yes, just a junk flunky prize that the store owner didn’t put much thought into, but like you pointed out all they only wanted was to increase traffic, not give the hunters a good reason to return.

    With all that said, I have to admit, I still ‘run’ the hunts, more so now that I have a few loyal friends who love to run it together with me and we have a blast. Sometimes looking around the shops awhile even after finding the gift, or getting landmarks to come back at a later date to look around more. Though I still have fun on some, I will also admit that there have been a couple I’ve been on lately that I wish I hadn’t. But those were ones that were done in one sim, mostly by a mall that gave out nothing but flunky gifts to keep you running around their mall looking and increasing traffic.

    As the hunts have gotten more popular, there are more and more hunts overlapping each other or running at the same time and you have to wonder where they find the time, like you pointed out, to make all the gifts. But the answer is simple really. Sometimes (and I do know that this is only with some places) they put a gift out instead of a new product. That is what I have been doing. I haven’t gotten a new item in the shop in a few weeks because the stuff I’ve been making is for the hunts because so many of the big name shops that I’m on the hunt along with, have been putting great gifts into their boxes and I want to be known as doing the same. But still, even as some of the hunts gain in quality and popularity, you can still find the ‘flunky’ gifts being put into boxes, because store owners don’t care or don’t have the time. And no matter what they do, hunt organizers can only hope that their store owners put in quality items to make their hunt memorable. So yes, I know that even though I have suggested, begged, pleaded, that people put in quality items into their gifts, I have no real control over what goes in in the end. I can only trust that my designers are doing their best, as they agreed to when they joined this hunt.

    There is a hunt going on now that has a LOT of big name shops with a few lesser known ones peppered in. Most the time people open the gifts from the big names first because they figure the bigger the name, the better the gift. Then leave the lesser known shops till later, figuring smaller shop, smaller gift. And sometimes it is. But that isn’t always the case. Some of the lesser known shops put in a LOT of work on their gift but still get over looked because no one knows their name.

    THIS is the reason that I made the Spring hunt. And that is the reason that I defended the designers on the Spring hunt. Why I offered the Flickr page and the blog page to show you some of the items that are there. :) It was not to offend you in any way or make what you had to say anything less worthy of being said. It was because the majority of the people on the Spring hunt know just what it’s like to be over looked in the big hunts, and some of them wouldn’t even get into the big hunts because they didn’t feel they would be seen. So this hunt gave them the perfect place to be able to showcase what they had to offer.

    Now, before I close, I’ll admit there were a few that were upset that your article had been commented on, because they put value into your readers and don’t want any one comment, made by me or anyone else, about your article to stop anyone from coming on the hunt. Because they are so excited to be able to show you and your readers just what they are capable of. So I post this with the hopes of not upsetting anyone, including you. :) But I just had to say that I do understand where you are coming from, having been on so many myself. I do understand that they have been, at times, huge disappointments. And that I hope to shock you in the end when you will see what I’ve been saying all along,… that this hunt will be worth it. For you and your readers. :D

    Comment by Tiea Aeon — 28 March 2009 @ 22:56

  5. No offense Tiea, so no apology needed! :-)

    I’m glad we agree on the fact that many of the latest hunts were pretty disappointing, and thus it’s difficult to give credit to another one. I understand your point perfectly, and I believe you when you say you want that easter eggs hunt to be special. I look forward to discover new designers thanks to your hunt. Many people will do the same, I’m sure!

    You can tell your fellow designers there is no worries to comment on a blog. Freedom of expression is a gift! Besides, not being an opinion blog, nor a “drama stirring” blog, slmen comments aren’t what our audience is looking for ;-)

    Comment by Ben Vanguard — 28 March 2009 @ 23:35

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