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Ben Vanguard | - Tenue/Outfit, Casual, Printemps-Eté / Spring-Summer | Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

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Style, Photography: Ben Vanguard

More Pictures, Review and Credits after the jump!

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Three color options available for Rot Test Boots, Top Down: Red, Dark, Black.

Rot Test Boots are the latest creation by Gutterblood Spoonhammer. They are located in his new place with a bunch of other items that are worth a look! The boots are three prim, nicely sculpted, fast rezzing, and offer a script which allows you to choose among three colors (see above) in three resolutions to make them easier to rez in laggy places. They come in two pieces, so you can wear the foot part only when you want to wear long pants with them. Their shapes and textures are just great, and they fit your feet without the need of annoying invisiprims. They are modify, so you can adjust them manually to to size them in harmony with your avatar height and build. They will get along well with your punkish outfits, or to give a bit of character to your casual looks. Copy-no transfer, fair price, you just have to pick them up!

Quality: 5/5 - Style-Originality: 5/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack): 4/5 - Price: 4/5 - Value for money: 4.5/5

Asalt Eames, the designer behind Grasp, started his business in sl selling traditional kimonos. He recently created the brand Grasp, offering casual wear with a great sense of detail. I’m showing today his leather jacket, a jacket layer with a bunch of sculpted attachments that give it a very realistic look. The detail work is great. I’m not fond of prim clothes because IMHO they look good only in static poses, and look just weird when you move. I have to say this leather jacket doesn’t show that flaw with my usual ao and walk. Also showing a pair of jeans with a cool drawing on them. They come on the pants layer only, without sculpted attachment. Asalt offers a bunch of interesting jeans, with original details. I will certainly use them on future posts! Definitely a must see.

Quality: 4/5 - Style-Originality: 4.5/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack): 3/5 - Price: 4/5 - Value for money: 4/5

Also showing: a very graphic and simple pendant from Le choix by Louis Henderson, a new brand offering cool very modern jewelry at sweet prices; a sculpted hair with beanie from Exile; the oh so beautiful Jude by PXL Creations. Enjoy!

• Veste de cuir, Jean / Leather jacket, Jeans:
+grasp+/Leather Jacket/Mens (360 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
+grasp+/Jeans (Wappen) (160 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Grasp [Designer & Address]

• Boots:
ROT Test Boots (420 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT, Recolor script),
@ Rot [Designer & Address]

• Collier / Necklace:
Le Choix- Atlus I - silver (85 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Le Choix [Designer & Address]

• Coiffure, Bonnet / Hair, Beanie:
Exile Smoke 2 Scarlett (250 Lindens/pack of 6 colors, 1000 Lindens/pack of 30 colors, Perms: C/M/NT),
@ Exile [Designer & Address]

• Yeux / Eyes:
EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright Steel (i) - SbZ (100 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Zada [Designer & Address]

• Skin:
Jude Spring Face 06 (2000 Lindens/facial hair, 15 head and body hair combinations included, 3000 Lindens/pack of 2, 9000 Lindens/Pack of 8, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Pxl Creations [Designer & Address]

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  1. Hot look, Ben!

    Comment by Joshua Walsh — 12 May 2009 @ 5:21

  2. I Like the Jacket. I like the Jeans, but the shoes, do look a bit on the clown side (Or so on the shoe picture, I do not know how they really look like). All in all, this provides sort of that Bad-A** look that people like. I would’ve gone with the Shiny Things Black or Red boots (In My Opinion). I give this a 4 out of 5. Great Job!

    Comment by Wilfred Blanco — 12 May 2009 @ 6:46

  3. ***Added Note***

    I went out, purchased the jacket and Pants, INSANE detail in the jacket. I love it. Also loving the pants. I mixed it with Black Redgrave Boots to add to the Bad A** Biker Look. A High 4 out of 5. Great Find.

    Comment by Wilfred Blanco — 12 May 2009 @ 7:36

  4. Great look! Especially nice jacket and boots!!! Credit to you, my man, Ben!!

    Comment by WW — 12 May 2009 @ 12:57

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