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Giselle22 Bristol | - Free Expression | Monday, February 18th, 2008

Second life fashion has evolved throughout the years, when second life first started we went from bad textured clothes, bad fit and bad designers. In the year of 2008 second life fashion has fully evolved and came a long way from where it started but who has S.L fashion evolved for you search fashion and 99precent of the stores are either bad quality women’s clothing or high end well designed women’s clothing, where does this leave the men, searching hours upon hours for a good pair of shoes to keep up with the clock.

Most of the second life designers slack when it come to the other side, the men’s side I have interviewed many men fashionisto’s and divos and they brought this problem to my attention, why is it that designers are not putting the full effort as they do in the women’s clothing lines, why is it that no men can search for something half decent without looking like all the other men with taste. There are so few good quality men’s store most of the men here are starting to look like they come off an assembly line, the men with taste that is. I find it ridiculous that designer’s sloop something together and define it new, bold and classy.

Fashion is an art, and I believe if you want to call yourself a true artist you should take the time to define yourself as the artist you say you are. Clothes are an individual’s definition, it is a way to make statement without a word, having heads turn as you pass the corner, for defining yourself as a unique and fashion forward. If men’s clothing is not quickly defined as a true art in second life it will be defined as outdated and stale. Have the passion, have the patience and help save men’s fashion

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  1. bravo G!

    Comment by BoRee Vella — 18 February 2008 @ 2:34

  2. starting with the risk of being pedantic - i object to the fact that ’sl went from bad designers’ - there were some awesome ones when i started in 2004 - ones that really pioneered what alot of designers are sitting on now - blaze - the first flexi dress- vindi - the first fur texture , nevermore, nomine and many more whos wonderful outfits i have still in my inventory - im not saying there werent bad ones, there definitely were . I do agree that mens fashion has been left behind , and i have tried to help with that since 2004 rofl although i admit to having been one of those bad designers at the beginning it was a huge learning curve and still is (i didnt have aclue about paintshop pro back then lol). Two factors that may enlighten as to why mens fashion has been left behind that i can see are 1. the sad fact is it is still the women who shop more in sl generally so if ure looking to make money the female line is definitely a help - 2. its harder!! dont ask me why but from my point of view i can knock up a reasonable dress in an afternoon , mens clothes take me days (maybe its because i know Ben will be looking so damn close i need to try and get it right LOL) these are only my ideas and maybe some designers find mens clothes easier i dont know.

    Comment by swaffette Firefly — 18 February 2008 @ 9:55

  3. Swaffette, when everyone tells the same, it must be true, it’s a fact that many designers find men’s clothing harder to design. Maybe it’s because they do less for men, I have no clue. Anyway, we have more collars on our shirts and jackets, more seams because we don’t show our belly between the shirt and pants layers, our pants need to avoid the jagged bottom bug because we usually wear them with length to 100, not cut at the ankle level, our feet are fat and it’s an art to make proper men’s shoes. That is why i’m thankfull and so supportive for all those who really try to offer cool men’s stuff! :-)

    Comment by Ben Vanguard — 18 February 2008 @ 11:26

  4. I have to agree with Swaffette, some of my best looking, favourite male clothing are the things I got in 2003. Even though I have a pretty decent inventory I still look at new things, but - aside from a handful of current mens clothiers - pretty much everything you see looks like something you’d wear to either a mob wedding or a gay bar in Arkansas. That, combined with the fact that men don’t really care to shop in 2L, either, leads a lot of us to stick with what we like, so a designer, no matter how good, really has to work to position themselves in the marketplace. Certainly the one thing we don’t need any more of are blue jeans.

    Comment by David Cartier — 18 February 2008 @ 16:32

  5. You might also want to kick in the fact that the SL avatar texturally lends itself better to women than men. Men are usually larger than females in the game and the textures have to stretch out of shape to fit the male avatar. I think it also demonstrates that we should have a true appreciation for the elite male fashion designers because you have to realize how much effort it took for them to adjust those textures to a male form. Many female clothing designers have attempted in the past, but often fall short because, like swaffette said, they don’t realize how much more difficult it is to create men’s clothing and then to top it off their extra effort does not yield more sales.

    This also brings in the basic economics of supply & demand. The low supply of quality goods causes men’s clothing, skins, and hair to cost much more. Female clothing is cheaper because why would a female av buy a dress at one place for L$700 when the 4 boutiques a few sims over have comparable dresses for L$350? Men simply don’t have those options and end up paying more in the end because of it.

    Comment by Oscar Page — 18 February 2008 @ 21:01

  6. LMAO @ David Cartier’s comment! Nor do we need more T-Shirts! There are a myriad of RL men’s fashion magazines and fashion houses for the designers to draw inspiration from. The economics of SL are that women are the shoppers, no degree necessary to figure that out. I heard it time and time again, the difficulty in creating menswear. But I will admit that the choices since I’ve been a part of SL (Rezzed ‘06) have increased. That doesn’t necessarily translate into better or higher quality, but simply more choices. I envy the shoe choices women have in SL, but I’m encouraged by the choices now available, cuz it was slimmmmm pickin’s for men when I joined in 2006. I appreciate Swaffette’s stick-to-it-ness becuz that’s what the menswear segment needs, but there are too many mens stores that haven’t had updates in MONTHS!!! I think you have to release something at least within 6 months. Three month’s would be idea and monthly would leave us men… ecstatic!

    Comment by Cloud Galbraith — 18 February 2008 @ 21:03

  7. new knitted jackets at my store cloud today :P LOL

    Comment by swaffette Firefly — 19 February 2008 @ 9:36

  8. Sigh. So true. To me, what I choose to wear every day is based on my mood and my particular style, and not just something found on the floor that smelled the least offensive. Every day I scan my inventory to find clothes, attempting to find something I haven’t worn in the past few weeks, and *somehow* manage to come up with a new outfit. And it seems that I am drawn again and again to the same folders and the same designers? Does this mean I like those designers more? Sure it does, but it also means less diversity and less quality products from other designers. Most men’s tshirt has some graphic on the chest. Most pairs of men’s jeans flare at the hem like bell bottoms from the 60s. Most men’s sweaters make my man-pecs look like double-D’s. And most suits have a tie/shirt/jacket on the same layer. I can’t help but wonder if the many designers keep making the same product over and over again, or if there is a general lack of artistic creatity in men’s fashion. Perhaps we need a SL version of Project Runway, where designers are continuously challenged to create a new product.

    Comment by Reece Beaumont — 19 February 2008 @ 15:42

  9. there was such a competition reece - Assignment Runway in sl unfortunately the organiser has been unable to be online to continue it so it was postponed indefinitely - strangely enough we were only provided with female models although i offered a male outfit or female at the beginning it became clear it was for female - maybe someone out there would like to start one for male clothing :)

    Comment by swaffette Firefly — 19 February 2008 @ 17:22

  10. While I agree with the fact that there are few good mens designers in SL, I do think it is possible to make the most of whats available. I hit all the same quality designers that most other stylish men in SL do. What I think makes all the difference is the way you put your outfits together. (Exactly like RL) If you are going to look at an outfit in a shop and buy the entire thing as is off the mannequin, of course you will end up looking like a clone.

    Anyone can be fashionable. Thats easy. Its having style that separates the men from the boys!

    Comment by Julien Montpark — 19 February 2008 @ 17:51

  11. Hey everyone i just wanted to say thank you for leaving comments on what i wrote and if you care for more of me keep visting sl men and check out my fashion

    Comment by Giselle22 Bristol — 20 February 2008 @ 1:18

  12. Sad but true. It’s hard to get a decent and original look when the majority of the showed clothes at the shops are t-shirts. I found myself buying some clothes and then seeing some people with the same pieces. On an economical perspective we can also say that Men’s market has lots of potential and we all know that the major shops are giving us original and new clothes… hope we’ll see a turnover soon and some more good shops and clothes.

    Comment by Nuno McCullough — 20 February 2008 @ 12:18

  13. Can SL Men please do one of two things?

    1. Hire a Proofreader (Or Better yet! Let’s all do a shot after every unneccesary comma or fragment! We’ can make a game out of it!)

    2. Hire people that can actually write instead of some chick that simply dropped more $$$ than any other girl so she could make her make believe self look “hot”


    Comment by Stefen Klaxon — 4 March 2008 @ 0:50

  14. Bitch why would you take the time to look over my whole article tp tell me about dropping L than anyone else. First of all i dont drop L i make it rain on dumb ass bitches like you im the shit and i stay more fly than a G5 jet so fuck yourself sideways you knockoff Collins 2nd class bitch, your fucking with the number one bitch so i got u bitch, i got you

    have a damn fucking nice night day or afternoon

    Comment by Giselle22 Bristol — 5 March 2008 @ 17:55

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