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Domch Raymaker | - Tenue/Outfit, Casual, Printemps-Eté / Spring-Summer, Semi-Casual | Thursday, April 17th, 2008

‘Tis the season for things to positively bloom! New menswear shops. New menswear lines. And now, it’s my great pleasure to introduce to you Shiki, a Japanese menswear line that celebrates the season with a riot of colours alltoo rarely seen in SL men’s fashion circles.

Shiki (Japanese for ‘Four Seasons’) quietly blossomed in a Japanese sim about a fortnight back, the joint brainchild of Shinichi Mathy and his friend, Jeckie Hax. Shinichi’s fertile mind has hatched a whole range of various menswear items all thematically linked by a floral motif.

The designer’s playful sensibility shines through in every pixellated thread of his clothes - for example, his staid ‘Stratos’ suit, a sombre grey jacket with matching pants, has a cheeky floral pattern on the jacket’s lapels. Also noteworthy are the 3 pairs of handpainted pants with colours that literally pop out at you, off the screen.

My favourite piece from Shiki’s first season, however, is the ‘Bouquet Long-Sleeve Shirt’ (shown here with the sleeves slightly rolled up). To me it encapsulates all the boldness and vitality and joie de vivre of Spring. Shinichi’s hard work on the pieces may not be immediately obvious - the more discerning among us will, however, appreciate the good job he’s done to ensure minimal ‘creasing’ in the shirt centre. Also especially praiseworthy is the thoughtfulness with which Shinichi has packaged the shirt - you get 2 jacket layers (1 buttoned all the way up, the other allowing you to show a bit of chest), 2 shirt layers (ditto the jacket layers), and 1 underwear layer (absolutely crucial!).  

Here, I’ve paired his Bouquet shirt with a pair of dark blue denim jeans, also from Shiki. Again, lovely details on this one - Shinichi’s woven a highly distinctive floral pattern into the front pockets and back pocket flap. Shiki’s clothes are moddable, copiable, and no transfer.

Truly, it’s time to let a hundred - no, a thousand flowers bloom!

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

Style, Photography: Domch Raymaker

• Chemise, Jean / Shirt, Jeans:
Shiki Designs - Bouquet Long-Sleeve Shirt (180 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
Shiki Designs - Shiki Blue Denim (160 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT, also available in red and green)
@ Shiki Designs [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Chaussures de sport / Sneakers:
AKEYO_shoes_CHUCKS (600 Lindens (size and color changing script included), Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Akeyo [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Collier / Necklace:
(Yummy) Bro Locket (130 Lindens (picture insert script included), Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Nylon Outfitters [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Bracelet:
Truth Woodspin - Men’s Bracelet (Not available at time of writing, Perms: M/NC/NT),
@ Truth [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Skin:
SKA-002 Commercial #3 Goatee (1000 Lindens, 5 skins with a variety of facial hair, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Millage Valenti [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Coiffure / Hair @ The Abyss

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  1. This shirt makes me smile. And I love to smile :) Thanks for bringing this new designer to our attention.

    Comment by LB Fellini — 17 April 2008 @ 23:18

  2. Great stuff, and very nice review.

    Comment by Sembei Kamachi — 18 April 2008 @ 7:12

  3. Heya LB and Sembei - thank you for your kind comments about the review!

    Comment by Domch Raymaker — 18 April 2008 @ 7:53

  4. Very nice outfit indeed, for those occasions where something that loud will work.

    Also nice to see an avi that appears to have something approaching actual human-style hips on here, usually it’s just the strange and unrealistic straight-line micro-butted variants that make me cringe. ;)

    Comment by cr0ft — 18 April 2008 @ 13:59

  5. Do you have a SLURL for Hair @ The Abyss?

    Comment by Corwin — 20 April 2008 @ 14:33

  6. You might try a very cool feature of the viewer called “search” ;-)

    Comment by Ben Vanguard — 22 April 2008 @ 0:00

  7. Croft darling, don’t cringe , it’s bad for your cholesterol level. Please check other blogs, you will see many big apes on steroids, and you will make us spare bandwidth fees! Thank you in advance!

    Comment by Ben Vanguard — 23 April 2008 @ 0:45

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