Tenue du jour / Outfit of the Day: Sith Lord

Hoods are comforting, I think. There’s something very reassuring about pulling up a cowl or some fabric around your ears and over your head. Some years back, I came across a design book which featured what clothing might look like in the near future, say 10 or 20 years down the line. Quite a number of the designs had hoods in them, in one form or another. It’s not hard to see why - we live, after all, in an age of increased uncertainty - whether it’s about the world’s weather or water levels or air safety. And, of course, there was *that* white hood, in the music video of Kylie’s ‘Can’t Get You Outta My Head’.

With this outfit, I’ve tried to do some sartorial crystal ball-gazing of my own. The hoodie’s from Defectiva, a shop by Disembodied Hand that stocks his t-shirts and skins. It’s a well-shaded hoodie with a nod to Star Wars (the emblem on the front is the insignia of the Empire, and there’s a stormtrooper-and-crossbones on the back). What makes it stand out from most, however, is Disembodied’s thoughtful inclusion of follicles - if only more designers would include hair options with their hats and caps! The pack includes a hood with hair, as well as hood and hair as separate pieces, which maximises its customizability.

I’ve accessoried with various items from 3 cyberpunk stores - the watch and eyes are from Juliet Ceres’ Bitter Thorns; the boots (’GongFo MoonBoots’ - how can you not love a name like that?), utility leg strap and lip piercing are from Mantis Oh’s Hybrid Productions, and the belt is from Neaky Larsson’s Paradox line. All 3 designers produce excellent work - Juliet’s Cybereyes, the items from Hybrid Productions and Neaky’s belt all come with animated textures - the MoonBoots, for instance, have a very subtle energy band effect under the top cuff. Mantis Oh’s mainstore is quite a visual treat in itself, too!

Speaking of visual treats, the outfit was shot against the backdrop of Nebulosus Severine’s ‘Null’ artwork, over at Arthole (a collaborative exhibition space shared by Nebulosus and Arahan Claveau.) Brilliant, thought-provoking art to be found there.

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

Style, Photography: Domch Raymaker

• Veste à capuche / Hoodie:
Defectiva: The Remake (175 Lindens, also includes shoulder fillers, hair and hood together as one item, as well as separately, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Defectiva [Designer, Address]

• Bottes, Pièce de jambe, Piercings / Boots, Leg Ornament, Piercings:
GongFo MoonBoots Silver (350 Lindens, includes 2 sizes, animated textures Perms: M/C/NT),
Contrast Leg Utility (202 Lindens, includes 2 sizes, animated textures, Perms: M/C/NT),
Chi Point Piercing Set (169 Lindens, includes lip, belly, ear and nose piercings, animated textures, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Hybrid Productions [Designer, Address]

• Ceinture / Belt:
Belt - oXo Ligne - Black (145 Lindens, animated textures, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Paradox [Designer, Address]

• Yeux, Montre / Eyes, Watch:
Cybereyes 3 - Darth (300 Lindens, 12 colours with menu-driven colour change, animated textures)
Digital Watch - “Clear” v1.4 (250 Lindens, fully functional digital watch, prim digits, Perms: M/C/NT)
@ Bitter Thorns [Designer, Address]

• Skin:
Millage Valenti SKA-010 (2nd Version) Nude - Eyeliner (1200 Lindens for 1 skin; Full pack includes 5 skins, and 6 shapes; Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Millage Valenti [Designer, Address]

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  1. Great ensemble. I MUST have that watch.

    Comment by Winter Jefferson — 8 May 2008 @ 2:04

  2. It is dissapointing to see that Millage Valenti skin is featured on SLmen - clear “paint over” job of The Abyss.

    Check the middle back detail on both - one thing they forgot to paint over.
    Ears also are so badly done that someone who makes skin that good would not miss such an important detail or would they?
    And what is with the facial hair options? - or lack of them. another give away sign.

    So many skins and so many look the same - badly photographed - on one of them in the lower lever where store used to me model has eyebrows that also look exactly the same.

    It is a shame that blog such as this would feature skins that rob true creators of their hard work - especially at the time when content teft in sl has intensified.

    I thought that slmen was far more aware to recognise the difference instead of supporting content teft. I guess I was wrong.

    Perhaps Ben you need to talk to your “team” if you want your site to be taken seriously by other designers.

    No cigar for you.

    Comment by cigar — 8 May 2008 @ 12:09

  3. Cigar - I really think you should be more careful with your assertions. They don’t link up logically. If, for instance, it is a ‘paintover’ job as you put it, and assuming that the Abyss skin has much better ears, then why are the ears ‘bad’ (your claim) on the Millage Valenti skins? It doesn’t stack up.

    The Millage Valenti skins come with 5 facial hair options each - which contradicts your assertion that there is a lack of facial hair options.

    Just because 2 skins look similar, it doesn’t mean that one is a ‘paintover’ of the other. To say that B was inspired by and draws reference from A is to me a far more plausible account than to charge that B is a rip off of A.

    Comment by Domch Raymaker — 8 May 2008 @ 18:15

  4. just compare the skins before posting this - especially middle of the back (one part that has not been painted over ) also middle of the chest
    skin is actually combination of pxl skin and the abyss check the facial features for pxl similarities

    this case is similiar as what DFO has done with his skin that is paint over from FNKY - bad eyebrows were such a give away - you can not make body that good and leave those eyebrows - it just does not make sense. In this case this was actually confirmed by FNKY.

    One question have you actually seen this skin and done the compareson - you want to tell me that ears come from the same creator?
    And they are good?

    hm - well lets see what Khai has to say and if the place will be around when DMCA is filed.

    I just think that blogs such as this have responsibility to find out if the skin is original or paint over before reffering customers to some thief and if in any doubt - just don’t wear them.

    Go and have a look at the photos of the models at the level below where their store used to be and you will see one pic of a model with eybrows same as the abyss - strangely enough that skin does not seem to appear on any of the vendors upstairs. hm

    Comment by cigar — 9 May 2008 @ 4:03

  5. Cigar,

    “Perhaps Ben you need to talk to your “team” if you want your site to be taken seriously by other designers.”
    >>> Being taken seriously by any “designer” is not a goal for slmen.
    Slmen is dedicated to promote quality content creation for the second year. We’ve spent a lot of time and money to run it, for no reward (often we don’t even get a “thank you” after hours of work to show items from “other designers”). So you can keep your lessons.

    “I just think that blogs such as this have responsibility to find out if the skin is original or paint over before reffering customers to some thief and if in any doubt - just don’t wear them.”
    >>> We are not the police. We are not lawyers. We are not graphic design experts able to judge what is stolen and what is just taken from the same photosources, for example. And we are certainly not here to protect so called “creators” who are immature enough to not accept competition, which is the case of a bunch of “designers” in sl who are spending more time whining about “content theft” and spreading all over the grid false accusations of rip offs, rather than “creating.” Sure it’s not cool for those thinking that the stream of Linden dollars was for them alone, to have to share with newcomers. That’s life! Learn and grow up!

    Now, i just wait for the owner of Abyss to actually fill a DMCA and sue the thief. After all, his “creations” are done with public copyright free images that everyone can use; maybe the similarities are due to that. In case it’s a true theft, the “creator” behind Abyss earns enough money to hire a lawyer and sue the thief, no need then to send little soldiers to harrass bloggers.

    If something were officially stated about a rip off by Valenti, I would personally take off immediately the credits for it, of course. Until then, it’s Domch’s choice to show Valenti’s skins, and I will respect it.

    For your information, Slmen is content creation conscious. Among other examples, the FNKY-like skins you are talking about weren’t shown at all on slmen, and never will. Many other obvious cases of content theft weren’t shown on slmen. When we see it, we don’t show it. But we are not responsible for content creation protection or infringement detection. This is part of the content creator business.

    Btw, the graphic technician behind the Abyss, Naughty and who knows what other brand created for marketing reasons (linden dollars, linden dollars…) falsely accused FNKY of rip off when he dared to sell a good photorealistic skin (linden dollars to share, omg, the horror.)

    From now on, I’m initiating a new rule for slmen: any drama-stirring AND anonymous comment like yours, “cigar,” will be deleted.

    Comment by Ben Vanguard — 9 May 2008 @ 13:00

  6. @ Cigar

    it’s surprising though how you can have two different ways of viewing things about a matter of more or less the same nature. I have been watching you (unless it’s another person using the same nick) for almost two days “supporting” with your comments a designer that is being accused of having used skin textures without any written permission (which means stolen) from a 3D artist from another site and selling them as their own here in SL and you attack the blogger for personal problems with the so called skin designer that happens to be a well known one in sl. On this other case there are even public complaints of the original creator who’s not even an SL member, and not only that; there are also official reactions since the 3D artist has contacted herself the SL skin “designer” for solving the matter and she is ready to take the whole case into court.

    On the other hand, you come here and you accuse Ben, Domch and the slmen team in general for showing a skin that you claim is a rip off of another one and you proceed to a precise analysis of what has been copied etc. In this case you have NOT an official reaction (unless I am mistaken) from the offended skin designer that is supported by proofs such as photos etc.Still though you criticize strongly slmen and you keep reminding them how they should do the job (according to you of course).

    ’scuse me but if you are truly caring about content theft (that has become more of a witch hunt lately) you owe to be more subjective and not led by your personal likings

    Comment by Dominic — 9 May 2008 @ 15:45

  7. off-topic… i’d love to know where the hair style featured in this post is from. thanks! :D

    Comment by Aeron Zenovka — 14 May 2008 @ 9:48

  8. Hi Aeron, not off-topic at all, don’t worry! The hair comes *with* the hoodie - it’s not a full head of hair, just a bit at the front, so that you don’t have to fuss with adjusting all the back bits. The hoodie, again, was from Defectiva, and the designer is Disembodied Hand.

    Comment by Domch Raymaker — 14 May 2008 @ 10:19

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