Tenue du jour / Outfit of the Day: Sakura Sorcerer

Domch Raymaker | - Tenue/Outfit, Costume, Printemps-Eté / Spring-Summer, Special Event | Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

BareRose was a real revelation for me the first time I visited it. I still remember that heady sense of sheer visual intoxication - all those endless columns and rows of neo-Gothic Japanese couture. It made my head reel - you want to take in all at once, but of course it’s just impossible. I was 5 and in the giant toy store of my dreams all over again.

I re-experienced that same giddy joy last night when I popped by Discord Nightmare City. The parallels with BareRose are unmistakeable - wall upon wall of lace-and-latex-and-leather-confections, creative energy coursing up and down the panels like so much electricity. But Discord seems to have taken the narrative process one step further, weaving a story of futuristic fin-de-siecle into the collection of spaces (what they’ve called ’streets’) that together make up Nightmare city - searchlights ply the different floors in search of fugitives, and occasionally, the unwary shopper is momentarily trapped in a crosswire cage.

I’ve elected to showcase the one Discord outfit that seems to me to best exemplify its creativity, in this case, a reimagining of the neo-Gothic staple of the Victorian men’s suit. The Discord iconoclasts have dipped the usual black suit in an psychedelic pink dye and I find the end result most enchanting. Speaking of magic users, I owe a debt of inspiration to the SL artist Arahan Claveau and his trademark madcap spellcaster ensemble (Hello Kitty knickers and magic staff, in particular!). The Discord outfit is a little less culturally knowing, but I doubt I’d have dared to have donned something quite so pink if he hadn’t shown me just how much fun off-red magi have. The outfit comes with the belt depicted here, gloves, as well as glove strap attachments.

The other accessories on this outfit are the excellent Shearwater glasses from Serious Giggle, which comes with menu-driven controls for lens colour, transparency and lens gradation; there’s Mhaijik Guilaume’s new Kavi Poet Ring, whose gemstone’s kalediscopic colours swirl ever-so-gently around; as well as Striker Albatros’ delightful little magic bottle earring, from his ‘Maho-Do’ (Japanese for ‘Magic Emporium’) shop. Striker also stocks some great magic staves, which he’ll customise to a colour of your choice for a nominal fee. No prizes for guessing which colour I had my staff changed to.

Style, Photography: Domch Raymaker

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

• Costume, Coiffure, Bottes / Suit, Hair, Boots:
Ro-zan - Pink (60 Lindens, includes pants, shirt, collar, belt, gloves (not depicted here), glove belts, Perms: M/C/NT),
Prim Hair - Kiwame Black-Pink (99 Lindens, includes the Garou hairstyle in black and pink as well, Perms: M/C/NT),
Ka-soku Black-Pink Boots (99 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT)
@ Discord [Designer, Address]

• Yeux / Eyes:
1koro-eye Basic Violet (250 Lindens, includes 18 eye sets, Perms: NM/C/T),
@ Glanz [Designer, Address]

• Lunettes / Glasses:
Shearwater Board (150 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT)
@ Serious Giggle [Designer, Address]

• Boucles d’orielles / Earrings:
Bottle Earring - Pink (25 Lindens, includes left and right earrings, also available in other colours, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Maho-Do [Designer, Address]

• Bague / Ring:
Mhaijik Kavi Poet Ring (250 Lindens, animated gemstone texture, Perms: M/NC/T),
@ Mhaijik Things [Designer, Address]

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  1. great post….i got so excited i bought over 20 outfits there, and those shoes in a bunch of colors…i love that bottom left picture…maybe i need to go back and delve into the pink?

    Comment by Lawless McBride — 14 May 2008 @ 4:08

  2. Thank you Ben!

    Serious Giggle in My friend too!
    He is very surprised and very glad!!
    I’m very glad too!

    We appreciate you very much.

    Comment by edo Tone — 14 May 2008 @ 11:23

  3. Thanks for turning me on to those glasses! Great find!

    Comment by Matthieu Manamiko — 16 May 2008 @ 21:51

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