Ce que veulent les femmes / What Women Want

Ben Vanguard | - Tenue/Outfit, Semi-Casual | Sunday, March 4th, 2007

• Une tenue composée par une femme qui aime les hommes !
“Ce que veulent les femmes” vous dira tous les secrets pour la séduire… et tout ce qu’il faut éviter pour la garder !

• One outfit composed by a woman who loves men!
“What women want” will tell you all the secrets to seduce her… and what to avoid to keep her!

Name: Luve Schack
SL Occupation: Shoes Designer
RL Location: TN, USA

Q: What type of hair do you prefer to see on men?

A: A bit messy and not too long

Q: What kind of clothes do you prefer to see on men in SL?

A: Casual… As a rule, some men don’t understand the difference between casual attire and things you should wear to wash the car in. I like subtle color mixes, soft weathered jeans with a muted tone t-shirt or any leathers in tone on tone color schemes.

Q: Do you enjoy seeing men in suits or formal attire?

A: I love suits! I think the tuxedo is a bit overdone in SL at times, due to it being the easiest to get for free. Nice dark suede suit since it is winter would look great. I love that. Also I prefer the shirt to be “fun and casual” that’s the place for a tasteful man to express his individualism. Also an open collar shirt or shirt with interest on the collar is nice…shows the world you are confident enough to be a bit playful

Q: What do you consider big no-no in SL fashion for men?

A: I’m not a fan of too many wild colors together or mixing too many prints, or too much bling. Also when men forget to wear socks; if you put on shoes remember the socks.

Q: What kind of underwear do you prefer to see on men?

A: I absolutely hate thongs every women hate them, but men continue to buy them; it’s unbelievable. I like a nice pair of boxer briefs or loose silk boxers. I think the underwear is the place that a man can go crazy if he likes take off that nice business suit and show me Red Hot Chili peppers undies if you like as long as it isn’t a thong or tidy whities! Just one thing keep your coin purse in proper size or it makes your clothes look funny. Some men think bigger the coin purse size more attractive they seem well it’s not true don’t be a size queen keep it in check.

Mannequin / Model : Ben Vanguard

• Cheveux / Hair :
Dangerous - Midnight,
by Tami MacCoy,
@ Hair Styles by Tami McCoy, Dixie (87, 90, 23)

• Skin et yeux / Skin and eyes :
Dante’s skin - Beach Tan - Facial Hair 6,
Eyes by Lost - realistic “Forest Green” (veinless),
by Lost Thereian,
@ Dante & Gabriel Male skins by Lost, Naughty (15, 159, 24)

• Costume / Suit :
s f design executive platinum,
by Swaffette Firefly,
@ SF Design Mens Clothes, Lotus (241, 218, 142)

• Chemise / Shirt :
Tejas Shirt (in Tejas Black set),
by Simone Stern,
@Simone! Design Main Location and, Simone (50, 208, 31)

• Souliers / Shoes :
City Walk shoes - Black,
by Fallingwater Cellardoor,
@ Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (195, 179, 37)

• Bague / Ring :
Hand Silver 3 Gem Ring,
by Mhaijik Guillaume,
@ Mhaijik Guillaume jewerly, Pheosia (59, 211, 151)

Sous-vêtements / Underwears :
Picasso trunk red/black,
by Dragontat Zagato,
@ Brief Encounter, Yeanim (113, 78, 21)

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  1. Luve’s feedback is great! We all need a fashion reality check from someone of our preferred gender from time to time, so, don’t be afraid to ask. Admitting that you’re unsure of something isn’t a weakness. It shows that you’re willing to please. When in doubt, hang around a popular retail sim (like Naughty Island or Tableau) and ask someone sure for their fashion feedback. Who knows. They may have pity on you and end up taking you home.

    Le commentaire de Luve est fantastique ! Nous tout besoin le conseil de notre sexe préféré et ne doit pas avoir peur de demander. Pour être incertain n’est pas une faiblesse. Il montre que vous voulez plaire. Quand dans le doute, pendre autour d’un populaire sim commercial (comme Naughty Island ou Tableau) et la demande un/une mignon/mignonne vous aider avec le vêtement de choix. Qui sait. Ils pourraient avoir la pitié sur vous et vous prenez à leur maison.

    ** Disclaimer: My French is baaad. I’m so sorry for butchering the language.

    Comment by Catero — 7 March 2007 @ 17:41

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