Spécial créateur : Slab Design by Pompo Bombacci

Ben Vanguard | - Tenue/Outfit, Casual, Dressy, Printemps-Eté / Spring-Summer, Semi-Casual | Monday, April 9th, 2007

Mannequin / Model : Ben Vanguard

• Cheveux / Hair :
Carved Hair /Black/,
by Jesseaitui Petion,
@ Renown by Aitui, Aitui (195, 172, 27)

• Skin :
FNKY! Antonio Medium - Rock Star,
by Funk Schnook,
@ FNKY! & Cake, FNKY Cake (128, 45, 24)

• Yeux / Eyes :
(Miriel) Eyes - Strong Green,
by Miriel Enfield,
@ Miriel - Jewelry, Eyes, Clothing, Nouveau (112, 205, 24)

• Veste, Chemise, Pantalon / Jacket, Shirt, Pants:
by Pompo Bombacci,
@ SLAB Design, Albata (173, 2, 25)

• Souliers / Shoes :
(Shiny Things) City Walk shoes - Brown,
by Fallingwater Cellardoor,
@ Shiny Things, Shiny Falls (83, 187, 28)

• Bague / Ring :
Golden Pinky Ring,
by Mhaijik Guillaume,
@ Jewelry Mhaijik Things, Pheosia (59, 211, 151)

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  1. Why did Pompo Bombacci have to slap a big label on the back of the jacket? It ruins the whole look. Don’t buy these clothes. I wasted my money, and I’m not happy about it!

    Comment by Disatisfied Customer — 13 April 2007 @ 3:37

  2. To the Disatisfied …strange u never contacted anyone at SLAB about this…until u do…how would u know u waisted ur money…and further…I am surprised u even noticed the label on it…as it is very small on the back….and NOT at all big as u stated (very tastefully done)…I wonder in RL if you would have a prob wearing a designer label on ur clothing…I should say to u that I am one of the owners of SLAB…..JUST MAYBE u should contact me directly….Giada Visconti

    Comment by Giada Visconti — 17 April 2007 @ 19:44

  3. Seems to me the small Designer Label is clearly shown in the above pictures.

    Should not of been a big surprise… is as advertised. Guess some people remove all labels from clothes. Wouldn’t want to be seen wearing Hang Ten, Levi or Gucci.

    Not as if a big advertisement label .. I like the Slab label

    Comment by Tziana Lykin — 6 June 2007 @ 12:52

  4. “…Wouldn’t want to be seen wearing Hang Ten, Levi or Gucci….”
    Don’t you deserve a slab too just for noticing it

    Comment by Sabrina — 29 August 2008 @ 7:50

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