Slmen a deux ans! / Slmen turns two!

Ben Vanguard | - Free Expression, - Non classé | Monday, January 5th, 2009

Two years ago, the first post was published on Slmen.

So much has happened since then! I’m almost ashamed to look at those early posts. I had no idea of the subtleties of SL lighting and wasn’t really aware of all the features available in the snapshot function.

I started Slmen to help men find cool clothing and accessories, show them put-together outfits, and to give homage to the designers who were adventurous enough to create men’s apparel. I say adventurous, because due to the male avatar specifications, creating for men is quite a challenge (tell me about the wide feet, a mesh done initially for female avatars, not really convincing when applied on male shapes). Plus, lets face it, the market for men’s fashions is way narrower than women’s, which isn’t really an incentive to design male apparel! All these facts led to the point where it was quite challenging for male avatars to look good at the end of 2006. Things have dramatically improved since then with many more designers on the scene and an amazing improvement of the quality of clothing and accessories. We at Slmen are proud to have played our little part in this expansion, promoting the work of more skilled established designers and helping emerging new talents.

We’ve done it our way, being as objective as possible, avoiding an excess of praise and reverence that often makes paying customers cringe, but still being respectful of the hard work designers do, standing by our beliefs about perms and quality, daring evaluation on items because not everything is worth everything and paying customers have the right to know that. We’ve done it honestly, spending all the time needed to make clothing and accessories look their best, without hiding flaws or retouching pictures in any way. We’ve done it trying to show a palette of styles (not wide enough, I know!), putting aside our own preferences and personal taste to focus on what is interesting to show. We never forget we stand at the customers’ side when we are doing our work. It seems our average 98,000+ readers/month (generating 390,000+ page views/month) feel that way and appreciate it!

Thanks to the wonderful fashion, skin and accessory creators who make our avatars look so good, to the pose creators who make them so expressive (and hell, how could attire look gorgeous on avatars without proper poses to make them come alive?). Thanks to those who were patient enough to work for Slmen during year 2008: Nuno McCullough; Domch Raymaker, who always brings a dash of fantasy; and Perry Proudhon, whose constant help and support are so precious to me. Most of all, thanks to you who stick with us so faithfully and spend a bit of time reading Slmen. We wouldn’t keep it running without you guys!

After the cut, you will get Slmen’s stats for 2008 and an FAQ attempting to summarize the most frequently asked questions we received in world, in comments or by e-mail.

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Free Expression: Pour Homme? by Giselle22 Bristol

Giselle22 Bristol | - Free Expression | Monday, February 18th, 2008

Second life fashion has evolved throughout the years, when second life first started we went from bad textured clothes, bad fit and bad designers. In the year of 2008 second life fashion has fully evolved and came a long way from where it started but who has S.L fashion evolved for you search fashion and 99precent of the stores are either bad quality women’s clothing or high end well designed women’s clothing, where does this leave the men, searching hours upon hours for a good pair of shoes to keep up with the clock.

Most of the second life designers slack when it come to the other side, the men’s side I have interviewed many men fashionisto’s and divos and they brought this problem to my attention, why is it that designers are not putting the full effort as they do in the women’s clothing lines, why is it that no men can search for something half decent without looking like all the other men with taste. There are so few good quality men’s store most of the men here are starting to look like they come off an assembly line, the men with taste that is. I find it ridiculous that designer’s sloop something together and define it new, bold and classy.

Fashion is an art, and I believe if you want to call yourself a true artist you should take the time to define yourself as the artist you say you are. Clothes are an individual’s definition, it is a way to make statement without a word, having heads turn as you pass the corner, for defining yourself as a unique and fashion forward. If men’s clothing is not quickly defined as a true art in second life it will be defined as outdated and stale. Have the passion, have the patience and help save men’s fashion

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