50% sale at “Solange! Fashions”

Ben Vanguard | Short Notes | Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

This is an announcement from Solange Cerveau, owner of “Solange! Fashions” and “The Silk Raven”:

“It’s the Ides of March and that means The 3rd Annual Solange! Silk and Fantasy Sale starts today!

All silks and fantasy designs for men and women are marked down 50% until Wednesday, 4.22.09. This sale ONLY happens once a year, don’t miss it!

Xstreet SL and Gift Vendors in the store are NOT marked down, DO NOT USE THESE IF YOU WANT THE 50% OFF SALES PRICE!

This sale is ONLY available at the Dream on Bay SOLANGE! SUPERSTORE!

(Items on the What’s New wall are NOT included in the sale)”

This is the link to Solange’s items featured on Slmen.

Click here for a direct TP!

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Cadeau de Pâques / Easter Gift at: “Hoorenbeek”

Ben Vanguard | Short Notes | Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Message from Hoorenbeek:

“Come to discover our incredible EASTER FREE GIFT.
You wont believe what we have for you.
Come with your friends and have a great day!
Drop by and see for yourself the most trendy clothing in SL!
The [ hoorenbeek ] Team”

Click here for a tp!

Gift available b the end of the week-end, after it’ll be too late ;-)

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25 Free Hair at Madesigns

Ben Vanguard | Short Notes | Sunday, March 29th, 2009

To let people know about the quality of its updated range of hair, Madesigns Hair offers to the members of its group a sample of each hair in one color.
It’s so better than a demo, because you will be able to adjust the hair perfectly to see of you like them, then buy your favorites colors!
To get the free hair, just open the search window, Groups tab, type “Kmadd Enterprise” then hit “search”. Join the group, it’s free, and look in the notices to get the free gifts.

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Red Shoe 50% Off Valentine Sale at JCS!

Ben Vanguard | Short Notes | Monday, February 9th, 2009

Red Shoe 50% Off Sale!

Only the chalk outline remains, but to commemorate Cupid’s latest victim, JCS is having a Red Shoe 50% Off Sale!!!

Yes indeed, in horror of Valentines Day, every red shoe in the store is 50% off! We’re talking Betty, Carl Perkins, Dublin, Janine, Jeepers Creepers, Kippers, Luciano de Vincenzi, Oslo, Quixote, RadioActive, Rigger, Sebastian, Shanghai, Strike, or Wellies, if it’s a red shoe, it’s 50% off!!!

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Cattivo is Back!

Ben Vanguard | Short Notes | Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Cattiva e Cattivo lovers, It’s time to be wicked again. After a bit of a hiatus (Lissa Maertens, owner of Cattiva e Cattivo) went into partnership with Simone Stern of Simone! and Style Starts Here and created designs under her brand name.) She has decided to get back into the mix by starting Cattiva e Cattivo up again.

“After some long and sleepless nights in RL I decided that it was time to go back to what I knew. Don’t get me wrong, I love Simone and I think she is an awesome designer and one hell of a great friend. That hasn’t changed. However, my RL wasn’t permitting me to put the energy into working with Simone the way I wanted to,” said Ms. Maertens.

So… Cattiva e Cattivo is back!

Cattiva e Cattivo, by Lissa Maertens, @ OpenOcean (14,184,21)

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Blog post to read

Ben Vanguard | Short Notes | Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Perry Proudhon, one of our most faithful editor here on slmen, just published on his personal blog a post that I like a lot. It’s not fashion related btw ;-)
You will find Perry’s post is here.
Ben V.

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