Nouveau chez / New at “Argrace”

Perry Proudhon | - Tenue/Outfit, Automne-Hiver/Fall-Winter, Casual | Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

This new down jacket from Argrace is a good example of photosourced clothing on SL. Sometimes the realism of photosourced clothing against the never as realistic avatar is a little jarring to me. Still, this jacket is well done, with good colors. I show all the color choices here except the Cloudy Gray (which looks like silver lame to me).
Quality: 4.5/5 - Style-Originality: 3.5/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack): 2/5 - Price: 2/5 - Value for money: 2.5/5

Also new from Argrace is this “casket” — a knit cap with hair of which the cap is scripted to change color. (You know, I googled ‘casket’ for a definition and images, and could find nothing related to a cap. But…Argrace calls it a casket, so I’ll call it that, too.) You can change the cap color by clicking and holding for a moment or two (not really clear…Ben had to explain it to me). I do like this cap a lot, as well as the hair. I give it a 5 out of 5 for style and originality because I really haven’t seen anything like it on SL before.
Quality: 4.5/5 - Style-Originality: 5/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack): NA - Price: 3/5 - Value for money: 3.5/5

I rounded out this outfit with the scripted changeable multi-scarf from FNKY!, Hoorenbeek’s All Stars, a pair of black jeans I’d picked up at Argrace this past Christmas, and a selection of jewelry from Mhaijik Guillaume.

Oh! A quick word about the pack of Bright Eyes at Flesh Peddlers. An amazing value, for 75 Lindens, you can choose from 28 colors of eyes, three sizes are provided in each color pack. Shown here in taffy.

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

Showing Down Jacket, left to right, top to bottom, in fresh lime, premium violet, midnight blue, and hawk black.

Style, Photography: Perry Proudhon

• Jacket:
Argrace Down (280 Lindens/color, Perms: M/NC/T),
@ Argrace [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Chapeau, Coiffure / Hat, Hair:
Belt Casket with Hair (250 Lindens, 3 colors (black, grey, maroon), Perms: M/NC/T),
@ Argrace [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Jean / jeans:
Argrace Black Jeans,
@ Argrace [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Scarf:
Multi-scarf (200 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ FNKY! [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Chaussures de Sport / Sneakers:
All Stars - Sand (480 Lindens, Perms: NM/NC/T),
@ Hoorenbeek [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Boucles d’oreilles, Bague / Earrings, Ring:
10 Earrings 5 Left, 5 Right, simple, chain, diamonds (250 Lindens, Perms: NC/M/T),
O-Rings Bracelet Black Rubber Multiplied tiny rings and chain (250 Lindens, Perms: NC/M/T),
Ratri Night Dark Ring (250 Lindens, Perms: M/NC/T),
@ Jewelry Mhaijik Things [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Yeux / Eyes:
Bright Eyes, Small (75 Lindens/color, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Flesh Peddlers [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Skin:
FNKY! Antonio Medium - Emo (1850 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ FNKY! [Designer, Address & SLURL]

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Nouveau chez / new at: “Akeyo”, “Casa del Shai” & “Jewelry Mhaijik Things”

Ben Vanguard | - Tenue/Outfit, Automne-Hiver/Fall-Winter, Formal, Night, Printemps-Eté / Spring-Summer | Thursday, February 28th, 2008

• Yet another re-creation of the famous “Chuck Taylor by Converse” in SL! Just a few days after the very good sculpty ones from Hoorenbeek, Akeyo released these ones. The sculpty work is simply amazing (and you know I’m not a mad praiser!). Artoo Magneto knows perfectly how to play with sculpties, and more important, succeed in the delicate exercise of texture baking on them. These “Chucks” by “Akeyo” are resizable by menu, very finely, so you can harmonize perfectly the size of your avatar with your shoe size, dealing with the terrible constraints of male feet in SL! The resizing device is synchronized left right, so the menu controls the size of both shoes at the same time. There is more! The colors are menu changeable as well. You can choose to modify the color of both shoes or one at a time, for the creative ones willing to mix different colors left and right! I won’t forget to tell you that you can change separately the foot, tongue, lace and ringlet color, choosing between 12 available tones.

Let’s talk about price now! These sneakers, offering thousands of color combinations, resizable following your most extreme needs, are sold for a very low 600 Lindens. No mod (but the menu driven changes available), copy, no transfer. No more hesitation, get a pair!

What I love: the sculpty work’s quality; the color options; the resizing system; the left untied laces!
What I wish: I just NEED a low top version, it’s too hard to fit pants with these high tops sometimes! I wish I could pick exactly the color I want, with RGB values. I know, I know, never enough… But you have to admit that could have been great to have them in the same pink than the bow tie I’m wearing today!!! Oh, and a glittering version too… no limits! :-)

Quality: 5/5 - Style-Originality: 3.5/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack, sizes for attachments…): 4.5/5 - Price: 5/5 - Value for money: 5/5

• Classic Tuxedo at Casa del Shai. Well, classic and Shai aren’t really compatible! This formal suit is one more evidence!
“The Classic Tuxedo” comes in black, grey and white (shown today). In each pack, you will find 2 jackets on the jacket layer, one with cummerbund, the other without; on both shirt and undershirt layers, the shirt alone; on both pants and underpants layers, two options: without cummerbund and with it, this last option to wear with the shirt alone. You will get also 2 bow ties, one of the same color as the suit, another one in a contrasted color, soft pink for the white tux, white for the black and grey ones, glitch socks to color the inner side of your pants, and a prim tuxedo coat tail.

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

As usual, the texture is great. Shai’s talent at coloring shows even in her whites (which is not so easy, believe me). I won’t praise any longer; after the previous note on Akeyo, you will think I’ve been abducted and replaced by aliens…;-) Plus, admit it, this tuxedo is too sexy to be classic…

Everything is moddable but the jacket layer, for some mysterious reason, copy and no transfer. You can pick your favorite color of “The Classic Tuxedo” for 750 Lindens.

What I love: well, everything!
What I wish: jackets layers with modify perms. Why does Shai make everything moddable but those? Mystery… I know I’m totally OCD, but moddable jackets allow to SLIGHTLY shorten the sleeves for a perfect look when you use the shirt layer to give more volume to the sleeves… same old story. It’s just frustrating when you love an outfit! The price, just a bit too high. But when you like…

Quality: 4/5 - Style-Originality: 4.5/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack, sizes for attachments…): 4/5 - Price: 2.5/5 - Value for money: 3.5/5

• Mhaijik Guillaume just released “Mesmerizing mystical hypnotic” collection of rings with animated textures. Listen to what the creator says about them: “Gaze into the depths and transcend into a mystical sense of oneness. You will be spellbound by the shimmering majikal colours as they swirl and fade out and back in again. Become lost inside, discover your internal cosmos.
Party boring? Client or Significant other late? Wearing one of my rings offers you an escape from the waiting time. :-D”
6 new, superb and very different rings (showing today “Kavi Poet Ring,” more to come very soon!)
Moddable and transferable. 250 Lindens Each.

What I love: The originality of the animated texture, totally the opposite of bling, only you know it’s here. Discreet luxury and real chic, isn’t it?
What I wish: nothing really. Maybe a slightly lower price!

Quality: 4.5/5 - Style-Originality: 5/5 - Usability (different layers, modify perms, amount of outfits put together with a single pack, sizes for attachments…): N/A - Price: 2.5/5 - Value for money: 3.5/5

Style, Photography: Ben Vanguard

• Smoking, Chemise, Ceinture de smoking, Noeud Papillon/ Tuxedo, Shirt, Cummerbund, Bow Tie:
*Shai* The Classic Tux in White (750 Lindens/color, Perms: NM & M/C/NT),
@ Casa del Shai [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Chaussures de Sport / Sneakers:
AKEYO_shoes_CHUCKS (600 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Akeyo [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Bague / Ring:
Mhaijik Kavi Poet Ring (250 Lindens, Perms: M/NC/T),
@ Jewelry Mhaijik Things [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Hair:
Jared - Silver (slightly over tinted in pink) (200 Lindens/2 close colors, 1500 Lindens/Every 72 colors packs, Perms: M/C/NT),,
@ Truth [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Yeux / Eyes:
{FP} Bright Eyes - Small - Taffy (75 Lindens/color including 3 sizes, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Flesh Peddlers [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Skin:
Joshua Normal Teint Skin Face 1 eyeliner (1800 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@Damiani [Designer, Address & SLURL]

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Cocooning for Valentine

Cocooning for Valentine…

…with luxurious slippers by Eponymous Trenchmouth for JCS shoes. They come in 6 patterns/fabrics, from leather to emboidered velvet, quilted silk, etc! In each pack you will find two sizes to harmonize with your avatar size (and not to your feet, which have to be set to zero for most of the shoes, because of the mediocrity of the mesh for male avatars’ feet, not for some Chinese torture reason (I read that somewhere, such an idea LOL). They are no modify, no copy and transfer for easy gifting, but you can ask Epy for a copy-no transfer version if you are, like me, fond of the outfits folders for instant changings! They are priced at 300 Lindens. Well, it’s expensive for slippers you will, frankly, not wear that much in SL. But they are such beautiful pieces of prim work (not sculpted) I’m sure you could be tempted! Note that for Valentine’s, the “crimson quilted” model is sold at 50% off!

…with sensual silk boxers by Lexi Morgan for Stellar Designs. A pack including five of them (black, pink, red, silver and white) on the underpants layer, no modify, no transfer, is sold for a low 50 Lindens.

…with cool tattoos from Kaori Masala for Devol. Although the seams are not perfect (lets face it, for now Aitui is the only one providing really seamless tattoos), I found them interesting. This FujinRaijin-karajishi tattoo comes on shirt and undershirt layers, in two versions, with and without kanjis on it. It’s copiable, and moddable so you can change its color if you want to. You can get the pack for 180 Lindens.

…with brand new eyes from Posy Trudeau for Flesh Peddlers. They are nicely done, come in 28 colors (no less!!!), each eye comes in 3 sizes, from natural to anime style. Some colors are THE nice. Showing today Chambray, one of my very favorites. 75 Lindens for a pack of 3 size of one color. Copy-no transfer. I just wish for a fat pack!

Style, Photography: Ben Vanguard

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

• Pantoufles / Slippers:
Kippers - Crimson Quilted (150 Lindens for Valentine, thos model only, other models: 300 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT or NM/NC/T),
@ JCS Shoes [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Boxers:
SD Romance Silk Boxers (50 Lindens/Pack of 5 colors, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Stellar Designs [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Tatouages / Tattoos:
.:::: dEVOL ::::. FujinRaijin-karajishi no Kanji (180 Lindens/pack of two versions, w. and w/o kanjis, on2 layers, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Devol [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Hair:
PE Mykal - Kohl (150 Lindens/color, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Philotic Energy [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Yeux / Eyes:
{FP} Bright Eyes - S - Chambray (75 Lindens/color, 3sizes included, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Flesh Peddlers [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Skin:
Joshua TAN Skin Face 1 eyeliner (1800 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Damiani [Designer, Address & SLURL]

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Tenue du Jour / Outfit of the Day : “Civvies”, “Flesh Peddlers”, “Form”, “Zero Number”…

Perry Proudhon | - Tenue/Outfit, Automne-Hiver/Fall-Winter, Printemps-Eté / Spring-Summer, Punky | Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Several people have attempted “beaten” skins…I think Posy Trudeau has succeeded quite well with her “Fight” version of the Jack skin at Flesh Peddlers. Looking at the bruises and cuts makes your eyes water, I swear.

The War-Torn Gear is a series of tanks and tees in different neutral colors on jacket, shirt and undershirt layer that can be mixed and matched for various effects.

FORM’s F*cked jeans, shredded and duct-taped, fit the ensemble well. Tied to my leg is the DarkPANDA *Leg Bag by Nana Beatty, from Kana-Na. The outfit is finished off with Engineer Boots by Mai Runo for Zero Number.

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

Style, Photography: Perry Proudhon

• Skin:
{FP} Jack Skin_Tan_Fight (500 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
@ Flesh Peddlers [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Chemise / Tee-Shirt:
War-Torn Tees (400 Lindens, Perms: M/NC/T),
@ Civvies [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Pantalon / Pants:
F*cked Jeans (75 Lindens, Perms: M/NC/T),
@ FORM [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Bottes / Boots:
[0N] Engineer Boots (400 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Zero Number [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Bandana:
Black Arm Bandana (70 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Tonic [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Yeux / Eyes:
Natural Obsidian (50 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ PixelDolls [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• DarkPANDA *Leg Bag (100 Lindens, Perms: M/C/NT),
@ Kana-Na [Designer, Address & SLURL]

• Coiffure / Hair: Tami McCoy

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Nouveau chez / New at “Cattivo” (Lissa Maertens) & “Guillaume pour Homme (Mhaijik Guillaume)

Ben Vanguard | Automne-Hiver/Fall-Winter, Casual, Semi-Casual | Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Introducing today a new mega pack from Cattivo by Lissa Maertens: “the constructivist.”

“I call it the Constructivist because it just has the post-czar soviet socialist feel to it. There are three basic versions of it.
The Constructivist has a closed jacket and is clean, minimal shading and it goes with nice non-stressed black or blue jeans and a nice neat no collar shirt buttoned to the neck.
The De-Constructivist is the open jacket version. It has a tucked in shirt that goes with it (can either be buttoned or unbuttoned) more shading on the jacket and the jeans are blue or black but a bit more “stressed” and worn.
The Destructivisit is an open jacket that is well stressed, deeply shaded and had a lot of “grunge” on it. It comes with an untucked shirt and open collar. You can wear the shirt without the jacket or with the jacket (I had to create a jacket layer with both untucked shirt and jacket on it). The jeans come in blue or black are slightly bulkier, have a lot more “stress” in them and have some nice yucky grunge. I decided not to rip them because I already offer ripped jeans and just didn’t feel like it.
Best of all… this outfit comes with all three “states” of wear. As an added bonus, I made my first pair of prim shoes. Now, don’t be too tough on the shoes… I honestly just wanted to mess around with them and see what I could do.”
Lissa said.

Well, all that for 450 Lindens and you have enough to mix and match for days! My favorite version is the “Destructivist”; I show it on the main composite. The second composite gives you a preview of the many other combinations you can create with this “outfit construction set” so generous with no less than 40 components in the pack, not to mention the free bonus shoes! :-) You will get: 6 pairs of pants with prim cuffs (not shown), 3 jackets with prim cuffs, 3 combo jacket/untucked shirts, an unbuttoned shirt in tucked and untucked version in three colors plus one tintable, a buttoned tucked shirt in three colors plus one tintable, bonus free shoes prototype (not shown).

To go along with these outfits, I found that the brand new “Jake Skin” from Posy Trudeau for Flesh Peddlers would be great with its many versions, and the various hairs from Philotic Energy (Aemilia case). The very good boots by Mai Runo for Zero Number match perfectly with these outfits.

Also introducing the new ring collection from Mhaijik Guillaume “chain of love,” particularly original.

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

!!Cattivo “The Constructivist”: Destructivist; {FP} Jack Skin_Tan_Eyeblack; Hair PE Enda-Auburn.

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

Left to Right:
!!Cattivo “The Constructivist”: Constructivist; {FP} Jack Skin_Tan_Clean; Hair PE Hunter-Auburn;
!!Cattivo “The Constructivist”: De-Constructivist; {FP} Jack Skin_Tan_Heavy Scruff; Hair PE Aeron-Auburn.

Style, Photography: Ben Vanguard

• Vestes, Chemise, Pantalons / Jackets, Shirts, Pants:
!!Cattivo “The Constructivist” (450 Lindens/complete pack, Perms: M/NC/T)
by Lissa Maertens,
@ Cattiva Cattivo, Annapurna (107, 145, 296)

• Boots:
[0N] Engineer Boots Zipper Brown (400 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
by Mai Runo,
@ Zero Number, Koenji (232, 46, 40)

• Coiffure / Hair:
PE Hunter, Aeron and Enda in Auburn (150 Lindens/color, 600 Lindens/6 tipped, 1200 Lindens/16 colors & 6 tipped, Perms: M/C/NT),
by Aemilia Case,
@ Philotic Energy, Imogen (57, 17, 57)

• Skin:
{FP} Jack Skin_Tan (500 Lindens/each, Perms: NM/C/NT),
by Posy Trudeau,
@ Flesh Peddlers @ {PLUNDER}, Maggiore (159, 182, 601)

• Bague / Ring:
5 Silver Stacked Chain Ring - left middle (250 Lindens/pack including also two single chain rings, Perms: M/NC/T),
by Mhaijik Guillaume,
@ Jewelry Mhaijik Things, Pheosia (59, 212, 152)

• Yeux / Eyes:
EyeFidelity RealEyes - Blue Steel (i) Indoor version - SbZ (100 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
by Zada Zenovka,
@ Shapes by Zada office & mainstore, Triangulum (24, 22, 26)

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Nouveau chez / New at “Rfyre” (Raven Pennyfeather)

Showing another luxurious costume by Raven Pennyfeather for Rfyre today! Two options for the shirt (enbroided or silk), two for the pants (long and short), many prim attachments and shoes come in the pack. Everything is moddable and transfer but the shoes. Three colors available (shown) for 700 Linden each. Enjoy!

I’m using the brand new “Jack” skin by Posy Trudeau for her new brand “Flesh Peddlers.” I was just starting to work on a big “skin post with many pictures”, when I saw that Ryan was way faster than me on this! Go take a look at his review here!

Jack comes in many versions: 6 facial hair with and without eyeliner, tan and light, and many “specialties” like “Scarred,” “Eyeblack” or “Camo,” and the unique for now (to my knowledge) “dirty.” This skin is sold for 500 Lindens. Well, after “Tete a Pied,” “Flesh Peddlers” shows us that men can now have good skins for only 500 Lindens! At this price, it’s easy to be tempted with something special for a certain occasion!

Flesh Peddlers sells shapes as well; the ones for men are done by Vasean Talamasca and are sold for a very low 200 Lindens. These quality shapes are obviously MODIFY!

Talking about shapes, I was told that the biggest scammer of a shape seller, well known for selling overpriced no modify men’s shapes, just started to sell some moddable ones! Well, still scandalously overpriced for shapes pretty inferior to the others on the market (these guys should at least TRY to learn the basics of human anatomy), but it’s better for the customers.

I’m glad that the blogs as well as the shoe makers were explaining to the customers how important it was to get modify shapes lately!

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

RFyre Pretense, Mens, RedBlk.

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

Left to Right:
RFyre Pretense, Mens, BlackSilver;
RFyre Pretense, Mens, BlueBlk.

Style, Photography: Ben Vanguard

• Costume, souliers / Costume, Shoes:
RFyre Pretense (700 Lindens/color, Perms: M/NC/T),
by Raven Pennyfeather,
@ House of Rfyre, Isle RFyre (97, 119, 23)

• Coiffure / Hair:
-=H2L=- Shun Black (200 Lindens/color & 2200 Lindens for a pack of 16, Perms: M/C/NT),
by Hayate Ewing,
@ -=H2L=-Hayate hair lab., -= Harajuku =- MagSL Tokyo Japan, Harajuku (117, 88, 22)

• Yeux / Eyes:
EyeFidelity RealEyes - Blue Steel (i) Indoor version - SbZ (100 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
by Zada Zenovka,
@ Shapes by Zada office & mainstore, Triangulum (24, 22, 26)

• Skin:
{FP} Jack Skin_Tan_Eyeliner_Goatee (500 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
by Posy Trudeau,
@ Flesh Peddlers @ {PLUNDER}, Maggiore (159, 182, 601)

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