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Ben Vanguard | - Body Positive (Skins+Shapes) | Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Introducing today the new men’s skins by Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot for “Tete a Pied” (which means absolutely nothing in French, but whatever!).

These skins are a total breakthrough in the men’s skin market, as they are priced at only 500 Lindens, which is absolutely new for such quality work.
It’s a very hard point for the competitors and an excellent one for the customers!

“These skins fall very nicely between photoreal and hand drawn. Like our women’s line, they are a hybrid skin. We wanted them to compliment our women’s line but gave them a little extra contrast to add strength to the detail. Each skin comes with a version with and without scalp hair and they are available in 6 skin tones. We might consider red haired and blonde versions if we hear there is enough of a demand and as always, we are happy to do customs. In addition to a Clean Cut and Beat (goatee) option, we’ve created a Mature look, a few extra lines and wrinkles lend the skin a dignified older man look,” Roslin Petion said.

Maybe they will offer some more facial hair options later, and if you can’t wait for different facial hair color, IM Roslin Petion or CJ Carnot; for a small fee you could have a custom skin! For sure we weren’t used to that, guys! :-)

You will find in this long post a first composite with the details of the skin, then the 6 skin tones. After the jump, you will discover the three versions, mature, clean cut and “beat,” a full goatee, with and without designers’ prim hair. Then last but not least, you will see how “Vivant skin for men” looks on 6 different MODIFIABLE designers’ shapes (I can’t say it enough: never buy a no modify shape, you would regret it one day or another.)
I tried on around 60 of them, and I can say “Vivant” is pretty versatile and fits most of the skins on the market. Anyway, I chose 6 which offer different faces and a particularly good fitting.

What I love: the smooth details; the totally successful mix of “hand drawn” and “photosourced” design; the subtle colors offered, the possibility of custom personalization.

What I wish: a better definition of the feet; more facial hair option, color and cut! This skin deserves them!

Conclusion: go grab the demos now!

[Click on the picture to enlarge]

TaP Vivant Bronze Mens

Darker Tones:[Click on the picture to enlarge]

TaP Vivant Chestnut Mens
TaP Vivant Bronze Mens
TaP Vivant Buff Mens

Paler Tones:[Click on the picture to enlarge]

TaP Vivant Cream Mens
TaP Vivant Almond Mens
TaP Vivant Blush Mens

Style, Photography: Ben Vanguard

• Skins:
TaP Vivant Mens Skins
CJ Carnot & Roslin Petion,
@ Tete a Pied Vivant Men’s Skins, Nouveau (203, 127, 22)

• Yeux / Eyes:
EyeFidelity RealEyes - Sharbat Bright (i) Indoor version - SbZ (100 Lindens, Perms: NM/C/NT),
by Zada Zenovka,
@ Shapes by Zada office & mainstore, Triangulum (24, 22, 26)

More about Tap Vivant for Men after the jump!

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